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The greatest medicine of all is to teach people
how not to need it. Do you agree?
Our Story

Well, we're scripting one! For a start, two individuals passionate about wellness have come together to solve a real problem of alternative healthcare being disconnected.

Our Vision

We're laser focussed on replacing synthetic drugs and cosmetics from human lives in every possible way we can. We popularly call this vision -

The VEDIQ Life!


There is no secret here. We are just combining modern healthcare and ancient systems of medicine using Conversational AI. We just couldn't rely on anyone else to make it happen.


What makes us awesome


We understand you. Yes, literally! Your personal assistant, VEDIQA is your friendly health partner who is willing to go the extra mile to know you. VEDIQA is powered by a complex set of algorithms that profiles an individual's body type based on user inputs and determines an alternative health regime. 


All the content is personalised for you, so that you avoid the clutter and focus on what's most important for your health. The dynamic RecSys curates videos, blogs, remedies, experiences, predictions and much more as per your body type. Guess what, it only gets better with time. 


Experts from diverse fields - alternative medicine, biotechnology, nutrition, wellness, from around the world come together to help you through the healing journey. A feature-rich health tracking tool helps experts constantly monitor your health. Rest assured, you're never alone!


Chronic disease patients get preferred access to medicines prepared at WHO-GMP certified factories delivered to your doorstep. All formulations are tested and developed at state-of-the-art laboratories. Automated reminders and restocking alerts come with it.


We can't stress enough on the need for you to know the health issues that people, similar to your body type, are tackling on an everyday basis. More importantly, what helped them cure the ailment. Does the quote, "Prevention is better than cure", make more sense now?


All your data is super secured. We comply with the highest standards for information security and privacy, HIPAA + GDPR. To make our systems smarter, we use anonymised data. But we never share your personal health data with anyone. 

What they say

"The game-changer in Alternative Health"

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