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Medicines cure diseases, but
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The world is going digital and we are leading this transformation, by providing a robust platform to all alternative health practitioners deliver the best patient experience. Build your professional profile, schedule appointments, interact on-the-go, prescribe digitally, receive e-payments - all of it in a single app!

Patient Profile

Imagine knowing your patient even before you interact with them? With the help of conversational AI we profile a patient and identify their body type based on their psychographic responses, so that doctors can focus on having the most productive consultations.


Be a part of the fast growing community of alternative health professionals, impacting lives of millions across the world. A community representative of strong belief in alternative health remedies to counter lifestyle diseases. Build, share, grow - together!


Learn advanced skills from experts, best practices, trending news, breakthrough innovations in natural medicine and biotechnology, opportunities from Ministry of AYUSH and much more at your finger tips. In medical profession, you can never stop learning, can you?

Super Safe

Accessibility of health records is a major pain point as patients tend to misplace prescriptions or diagnostic test reports. We digitise it and all the health data shared on the platform is secured by the highest level of encryption. Data security is our priority, always will be!

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